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New Look for Virgin Casino

New Look for Virgin Casino The team at Virgin Casino has been working hard over recent weeks to give the popular venue a brand new look, and we can now announce that the new-look site is up and running. Because Virgin Casino doesn’t require players to download any software, the online casino lobby really does have an impact on the way players feel as they log in and launch their favourite games.
The old-style Virgin Casino was pretty impressive, but we have to say that the new-look venue is even better. Not only have the visuals been overhauled, the actual layout of the site has been improved too.
Play Now Whilst the famous red and white colour scheme associated with all things Virgin is retained, there is now much more white space in the foreground, which makes the whole place look a lot brighter.
A menu bar in the top section of the screen allows you to navigate the main areas (Games, Promotions, Rewards, etc.) and the bulk of the screen below this presents you with the associated options in icon format. All of this means that you don’t have to scroll through lists of text links to find what you’re after – simply glance at the icons (all of which are large and colourful) and click the one that is most relevant to your needs.
One feature of the homepage that we particularly like is a Latest Winners feed which shows you exactly how much some of the most recent wins at Virgin Casino have been worth.
Watching this feed for a minute or so is quite inspiring, because if you see that other players are winning big money here it serves as a reminder that you could be next – all you have to do is play your favourite games and hope that Lady Luck smiles on you as she did the Latest Winners. Naturally, no amount of external gloss would be worth much if the games themselves weren’t just as good as the window dressing, but that isn’t a concern at Virgin Casino.
The games available have always been superb and they still are. Even better, new games are added almost every week, so you will never get bored at Virgin Casino no matter how often you play.
If you haven’t yet seen the new look Virgin Casino, head over there right now and see what you think. Also be sure to explore the Promotions section of the site so that you don’t miss out on something special. Enjoy the games and good luck!
Tip #2 : Element of Risk

There are 311,875,200 ways to choose 5 cards out of 52, with regard to the order chosen. The total amount the player would lose, assuming perfect strategy, over all possible combinations is 10,933,344. The house edge is defined as the average player loss to the minimum bet, or 10,933,344/311,875,200 = 3.5056792%. The total amount bet over all combinations is 384,256,512. The "element of risk" is defined as the average loss to the average bet or 10,933,344/384,256,512 = 2.8453243%.
Tip #3 : Letting all bets ride?

The biggest mistake most players make is letting all bets ride on a pair of 9s or lower. The game only pays for 10s or better, so holding a 'small' pair isn't justified by the possibility of getting trips or something more. You should let bet #1 ride only on the following hands (which will be the 3 cards dealt to you):

1. A Pair of 10s or Better
2. Three-of-a-Kind
3. A Three-Card Royal
4. A Three-card Straight Flush or Inside Straight Flush

Let bet #2 ride only on the following hands (which will be the three cards dealt to you, along with the first community card):

1. A Pair of 10s or Better
2. Two-Pair
3. Three-of -a-Kind
4. A 4-card Straight (with both 'ends' open)
5. A 4-card Flush
6. A 4-card Straight Flush (any type)
7. Four High Cards
8. Four-of-a-Kind
9. A 4-card Royal

You can see that it's possible to have a hand where you've pulled bet #1, but would let bet #2 ride, like 3 high cards which are dealt to you. You should pull back bet #1, but if the first community card is also a high card, you'd have either an inside straight draw, or the possibility of pairing one of the cards, so you'd let #2 ride.

Played this way, the house still has a 2.8% edge over you and that's pretty stiff.
Tip #4 : How to bet

The player opens a round by placing three identical bets on the betting circles. The player is dealt three cards and the dealer places two community cards in the center of the table, face down. Based on the favorability of the three hole cards, the player can withdraw the first bet or "let it ride" and leave it on the table. The dealer then reveals the first community card. Now the player decides whether to withdraw the second bet. The second community card is then revealed and the hand is scored. Note that the third bet stays on the table with no option to withdraw. Also note that withdrawing the second bet is independent of what was done with the first.

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