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Tip #1 : Beware the Hypnotists

When you play Video Poker, consciously stop and think about each hand before you decide what to do. The flashing lights, bells and whistles all exist to try and stop you from doing this, and they will, if you allow them to, gently lull you into a state of light hypnosis. In this state, conscious thought about the game decreases and you will instead get into a groove of pushing buttons automatically. This is where mistakes happen and winning hands are discarded, so be aware of the hypnotists disguised as Video Poker machines if you want to make money.
Tip #2 : Don't Hold Kickers

When playing video poker, don't hold a high card just because it's a high card. You should only hold a high card when it is already paired with another or when a flush or straight looks likely. A single high card that currently serves no purpose is known as a "kicker" and as any experienced video poker player will tell you, winners don't hold kickers.
Tip #3 : Feeling Flush?

Although most video poker players know that the odds of getting a royal flush are 40,000 to 1, most don't realise that these are independent odds, not cumulative. In other words, if you play 39,999 times, the odds of you getting a royal flush on the next game are still 40,000 to 1. Bear this in mind when you're tempted by the thought that the big win "simply must come in" eventually.
Tip #4 : Profit or JackPot??

If you play Video Poker, what is your goal? If it's to make a profit, then use minimum stakes as these will allow you to play for longer periods of time. If it's to have fun with the hope of landing a jackpot, play maximum stakes (just in case the jackpot hits) but be prepared to run out of coins sooner rather than later.

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